About Me

Hi, welcome to my website! 

I am using this website to teach myself skills that I can pass on to my students.  It is a work-in-progress!

A little about who I am…

I would describe myself as a dynamic and innovative college marketing instructor who takes pride in keeping up to date with current marketing trends while using technology-related websites to maintain successful learning and class engagement. I’ve been teaching in the Marketing Management and Digital Marketing Programs at Western Technical College since January of 2001. I absolutely love my job!

My background prior to teaching consists of a unique combination of careers within technology and sales and marketing fields:

  • Business Analyst/Project Management position – analytical skills were acquired and fine-tuned in developing systems solutions and monitoring project quality and deadlines.
  • B2B Technology Sales where relationship selling allowed for reaching #1 in Sales after two years, continuing in that position for another 5 years, breaking $1,000,000, $2,000,000 and (almost) $3,000,000 sales records for employer.

My Personal Brand…

….Great desire to continuously learn and always improve:

  • Presenter on topics such as Personal Branding, Cool Tools for School, Pinterest for Students and Faculty, Active Learning Activities, to name a few
  • Enthusiastic about technology/software tools and sharing them with others
  • Endearingly known as the e-newsletter Queen, but the title is changing to ‘Information Hoarder’

….Welcomes opportunities to exchange innovative thoughts:

  • Daily user of social media, likes to be ‘in the know’
  • If you need to brainstorm ideas, I’m your person
  • Loves to collaborate on best practices

….Recognizes the unique qualities of each person:

  • Marketing Instructor at Western Technical College – just over 21 years, loves to guide students
    (Recognizes the unique qualities of each student)
  • Wife and Mother, Bob, Shaylee, Mitch, Lauren (plus Bailey and Cooper-woof, woof), family is important

….Strategically creative, finding alternative ways to proceed:

  • 10 years as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, both creative and logical
  • 8 years in Sales of Technology, finding new solutions for my clients’ business problems

….Gets satisfaction from working hard in groups to achieve goals:

  • Program Chair, Tech Mentor, New Faculty Mentor
  • Trained in Master Course Development for curriculum using WIDS, developed 3 Master Courses

….Other loves:

  • Fashionista at heart
  • Rummage sale “Queen”, loves to find bargains and items to re-purpose